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Every kilometre you run, your feet willingly go the distance. They never refuse the early mornings, the long hills or the unforgiving tar beneath them, even though blisters, athlete’s foot, toe nail funguses and foot odours are the price they pay to reach your goals. So treat them well with Thursday Plantation.

Thursday Plantation’s antiseptic and foot care products help treat, heal and pamper feet, naturally. Containing the clinically proven antibacterial and antifungal properties of 100% pure tea tree oil, Thursday Plantation products are easily absorbed by the skin and nails to work at a cellular level to protect and heal your feet.

The following Thursday Plantation products can be found within the antiseptic and foot care ranges:

Tea Tree Oil:

A 100% pure, 100% natural oil that is a powerful antiseptic, which inhibits a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi and cleanses and protects skin abrasions. Perfect for treating fungal infections, athlete’s foot and many more!

Tea Tree Ointment:

Capturing the natural antibacterial power of Tea Tree Oil, Tea Tree Ointment soothes and relieves minor skin wounds and minor skin irritations. Perfect for helping to heal those blisters!

Tea Tree Foot Powder and Foot Spray:

Refresh your feet and keep foot odour at bay with Thursday Plantation foot powder and foot spray. The 100% naturally derived powder and spray helps to keep feet dry, sweat free and odour free.

For more information on our range visit: http://thursdayplantation.co.za/uses/runners-guide/

All Thursday Plantation products can be found at Dis-Chem, selective Clicks stores and pharmacies

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