Advertising Rates

Each year in cycling, running or swimming the event details are a constantly moving target and we are contacted daily by organisers informing us of fixture changes. To keep our readers up-to-date, we have a website to complement all our mobile guides. The Guide Book websites are updated regularly with race changes, cancellations, and new races.

Our focus – Races and race information in South Africa
Cycling – 600 races
Running – 950 races
Swimming – 100 races

Cycling – Women 40%, average age 38 years 3 months
Running – Women 66%, average age 37 years 7 months 
Swimming – Women 57%, average age 36 years 7 months.

Interactions with readers
Cycling – 23%
Running – 64%
Swimming – 13%

Printed – 8%
Web and newsletter – 37%
Social media - 26%
Devices – 28%

Estimated number of annual interactions with readers
Cycling – 3.1 m
Running – 8.5 m
Swimming – 1.7 m  

Material Specs

Banners for website and newsletter
Resolution: 96 pixels per inch
Width: 900 pixels
Height: 100 pixels

Logo for website and newsletter
Resolution: 96 pixels per inch
Max Width: 142 pixels
Max Height: 142 pixels 

Trim size: 210mm x 148mm
Bleed size: 215mm x 153mm
All artwork must be supplied in CMYK. The preferred format is a high-resolution print-ready PDF


Electronic Media Advertising Bundle -  R8 100 excl. VAT
Running and Cycling
Electronic Media Advertising Bundle -
Includes a four-month product review on website, electronic media, logos and links. A full-page advertisement in a print publication. Upgrades to DPS or outside back cover by negotiation. Short-term campaigns can be negotiated to suit your requirements.

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Tom Cottrell
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