Order Your Comrades Coffee Table Book Now

The much-awaited Comrades Marathon coffee table book is currently in print and will be delivered across the country by mid-December to avid Comrades enthusiasts who have already ordered their copy.

This will be an extremely special hardcover publication which commemorates the centenary of the world's biggest, oldest and most famous ultramarathon; and makes for the ultimate Christmas gift for any Comrades runner, supporter or volunteer. 

Never before has a history of the Comrades Marathon been presented in a unique coffee table format, reflecting the extraordinary spectacle of the event and many never-before-seen photographs, as well as unforgettable moments of when global icon, world statesman and father of the nation, Nelson Mandela made his surprise visit to the 1996 Comrades Marathon.

 It is a truly captivating take on the grand history of The Ultimate Human Race. The Comrades Marathon is celebrated, from its humble beginnings in 1921 through its many milestone editions of its 50th, 75th, 90th and everything in between.

The magic of the world’s greatest footrace is stunningly encapsulated through depictions of its iconic badges, flashes, race numbers, memorabilia, race paraphernalia and lists everyone who has ever achieved a Green Number.

Spiced with stories of bygone days and fun anecdotes, the book also looks at everything that goes into making this massive event a smoothly-run, world-leading exhibition of the best that South Africa has to offer.

 In Your Stride: 100 Years of the Comrades Marathon, 1921 - 2021 is a must-have for anyone who has been inspired by the race. It documents a unique ultramarathon that has set and continues to set the worldwide bar for astonishing endurance challenges, undertaken and met by ordinary people, including runners from all around the world who are drawn to The Ultimate Human Race.

It is an inspirational look at the power of the human spirit, captured beautifully over the course of a century of change in scenes that echo times that have passed and a promising future to come.

Consisting of 264 pages in full colour and a matte cover finish with UV spot varnish, the book is a 280x280mm hard cover publication crammed with loads of information and imagery on the world’s most spectacular footrace.

CMA Chairperson, Cheryl Winn said, “This book is something which every Comrades enthusiast has been waiting for. It captures the essence of what the Comrades Marathon means to every runner who has run the 90km distance as well as every supporter and volunteer who has served the race in one way or another. It embodies the very heart and soul of the best of South Africa, of our hopes and dreams, our joys and victories. It is a book that will leave you in awe of every single person who has had a hand in making the Comrades Marathon the greatest footrace and absolute international attraction that it is today.”


Pre-order your copy now for only R480,00 including packaging and delivery in South Africa, by clicking through here: In Your Stride | i-go-books (igobooks.co.za)


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