Trail Runner's Guide by Jacques Marais


The guide provides comprehensive coverage of trails in and around South Africa as well as information on training gear, footwear, nutrition, events and insider tips from several of South Africa's leading trail-running experts.

Contents include:

  • Foreword by Ryan Sandes
  • 'From the streets to the trails' by Elana Meyer
  • Getting into trail running, terrain tips and using the book
  • Choosing the right footwear
  • Minimalist running and barefooting by Benita De Witt
  • Yoga for runners by Karyn Velleman
  • Posture therapy and body balancing
  • Nutrition and hydration by Tim Noakes
  • Winter and summer runner information

Author, Jacques Marais, is also a photographer who regularly contributes to a wide selection of premium adventure, travel and outdoor magazines in South Africa and abroad. Leading titles include Runners World, Bicycling, Discovery Magazine, Time Out & Men’s Health. As a columnist for a range of newspapers, his photographs and articles are regularly published in newspapers and on web sites around the world.

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