Runaway Comrade by Bob de la Motte


"An insider's view of the oldest and biggest ultramarathon in the world against the backdrop of politics in 1980s South Africa; the Chicken Run to Australia; being sued for $1 billion; and a hectic life on four continents."

It is the world's oldest and most famous ultra-marathon. South Africa's Comrades Marathon has teased, tormented and tortured runners from all over the world since 1921. Those who have endured it say it changes lives, speaks to the soul and turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. According to many it is liberating. Bob de la Motte should know. Winner of five Comrades medals, including three golds, his grit and determination during several epic duels with nine-time winner Bruce Fordyce enthralled the world throughout what was arguably the marathon's defining passage in the politically charged 1980s. In this extraordinary, compassionate, candid, humorous and captivating personal memoir, Bob explains his fascination and passion for the most famous ultra marathon in the world and recounts the truth behind the hyped-up rivalry. He explores allegations of cheating and blood doping, highlights the hypocrisy in South African and international sport and elaborates on his decision to join the Chicken Run to Australia at the height of apartheid in 1987. He also provides fascinating perspectives on international politics, South Africa's contemporary politics and gives a crystal ball insight into the future of the Comrades Marathon. For runners, sportspeople, sports lovers and those who simply enjoy a damned good read, Runaway Comrade will inevitably be your best buy of the year!

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