Mobii Timing System Features







The Mobii Timing System provides you with tools to attract sponsors, quick and efficient registration and payments, participant management, live results at the event as well as on-line and offers various technologies that will amaze your spectators and provide continued value to event organisers long after the event has ended. Best of all, it is affordable and very easy to use.
The Mobii Cloud stores information on race participants including their Mobii Profiles (if these have been created by the participant). When a user updates their profile information, organisations that are linked to that user will always have the most recent information available. Organisations will be able to manage all aspects of their race profile on the Mobii Cloud including:

- Events and races (batches, laps, checkpoints, pentalties, points, etc)
- Online results, reports
- View/Manage participants linked to their organisation
- System Users and their Roles/Permissions
- Communication and messaging via Email and SMS
- Online Entry and Registration (Coming Soon)


Results are calculated in real time and the cloud server is responsible for managing the storage and distribution of results online as well as photo finish images.


Computer and Tablets can also connect directly to pods without any need for an internet connection.  Live Results will Display instantly Live over the local wi-fi network of the pod.

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