Miway Wally Hayward Marathon - 01 May 2017



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On line entry number 3000 winner is announced;





MiWay Wally Hayward Marathon  announces no 3000 on line Entry:


Lucky Mashau just won himself a prize by being the 3000 person who entered online.

The online entries have exceeded all expectations in 2017.

Last year we had another 1 000 people entering in the last 3 days alone. Online entries will close on 24 April, so get yours in now to get access to out jam-packed Virtual Event Bag.


If you are the lucky number 4 000 on line entry you will also win a prize.




Entries are open - Click here to enter the race


or scan the QR Code:  MiWay Wally Hawyard entry QRCode



The marathon winners since the inception of the Wally Hayward Marathon in 1977 follow:  Click here


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