32Gi - Endure Sports Drink


32Gi Endure Sports drink uses a unique carohydrate blend to provide stability and prolonged energy before and during exercise.


  • Stability non-spiking
  • Prolonged energy supply in the form of glucose
  • Slow steady insulin rise supporting fat burn
  • Minmum two hour steady glucose release
  • GMO Free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Complatable with WADA standards
  • Gluten and soya free
  • Kosher and Halaal certified



32Gi Endure can be used before and event to up Glycogen stores in the form of carbo-loading. Consume two to three bottles a day a few days prior to your event.


Pre-event or training loading

32Gi Endure can be used for pre-loading just before and event. Start drinking approximately an hour before the start.


During event and training

32Gi Endure can be consumed as a carbohydrate and hydtration sports drink at any event or training session.  It's best to drink to thirst according to hydration

requirements.  A 50g serving of Endure releases stready glucose for a minimum of two hours.



32Gi is available in 5 different flavours - Lime, Rasberry, Orange, Peach, Neutral, Blueberry


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