Hout is Goud Day Breaker 80 km Circuit Breaker

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Date: 09 September 2017
Time: 06h00
Organisers: Erika Kotze
Distance: 80;
Province: Limpopo
Start: ATKV Resort
Klein Kariba
Race Changes 12 Jun 2017
  Race Date changed changed from 01/01/2017 to 09/09/2017.
Contact 1: Erika Kotze
(W) 014-7366008
(F) 014-7366008
(C) 082-3200859
Entry Details:
Pre-entries close about six weeks before the race.
Walkers are Welcome
Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 0. Route Type: Lap
A circuit is by nature an easy route. The two kilometre route is run mainly on grass although there is about 500 metres of tar. The race goes around the offices and golf course at Klein Kariba.
Prizes and Give-Aways:
Medals go to all finishers. There are prizes for individuals and teams completing the most kilometres in 12 hours. Goodie bags go to all entrants.
Course Records:
Name Time Year
Editor's Notes:
The race is open to individuals and teams of two. The objective is to complete the 80 kilometre distance within 12 hours. Walkers are welcome and the distance set for you is 70 kilometres. For team entrants there is no limit on the number of kilometres completed by any one team member.
Finishers: 0 Time Limit: 12:00
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