Forever Resorts Loskop Ultra Marathon

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Date: 22 April 2017
Time: 06h00
Organisers: Middelburg Marathon Club
Distance: 50;
Province: Mpumalanga
Start: Municipal Offices
Wanderers Avenue
Finish: Loskop Dam
Forever Resort
Race Changes 23 Feb 2017
  Start Venue changed changed from Loskop Dam to Loskop Dam Forever Resort .
Primary Contact Name changed changed from Race Office to Race Organiser.
Race Date changed changed from 01/01/2017 to 22/04/2017.
Contact 1: Race Organiser
(W) 013-2432683
(F) 086-6138329
(C) 060-3588546
Entry Details:
Pre-entry Closing Date: 04 March 2017
Postal and faxed entries are accepted with proof of payment. Entries are confirmed by email, SMS, fax or phone. For reasons of traffic control and safety, the field is restricted to 4,000 entrants. This event is strictly pre-entry, it is wise to send in your form as early as possible. Closing date for entry is 15 March 2016. Collect your race number from the start venue on the Friday before the race between 12h00 and 20h00 or at the start Saturday from 04h30.
Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 2. Route Type: Point-to-point
What a run this is! Starting in Middelburg before the town begins to stir; there are some twists and turns through the sleepy suburbs before the route spills out onto the Loskop Road. On the way out of town there is a dip and a small river, and a blanket of mist for the first few kilometres. Somehow it is always there and adds a touch of mystery to the morning’s proceedings.

Suddenly you find yourself in a different world; distant from city life, in total contrast to the noise and clatter of the start. The first 20 kilometres or so are run through typical Highveld terrain with open spaces, crisp morning air and cosmos. These are magical miles, to be sure, but they will also provide a deceptive challenge to the unwary. At the 22-kilometre mark stands the infamous Post Office Tower. This tower will have been taunting and tantalising you for quite a few kilometres by now, silently waiting in the morning haze. But it is the highest point of the race. Raise your arms here and know that it is downhill from this point. Or is it? The following stretch will provide great relief as you settle into an easy pace and enjoy the forgiving run of more than 10 kilometres down to Buggers Hill.

This tester stands as a bastion to the Kranspoort Pass, and at the 36-kilometre marker it is time to shoulder in and grind your way up the back of this notorious hill. There is work to be done here, but there is a great reward on the other side of this testy challenge. Here lies the special appeal of the Loskop. The Kranspoort Pass, at the 38-kilometre marker, is simply breathtaking and is sure to impress even the most widely travelled runner with its sheer splendour. Beware; running down the pass can prove punishing on tired legs.

After the pass, the road becomes easy, forgiving and quite pleasant. Loskop Dam is finally in sight. But before this race leaves you, it has one final, demanding gift, Varaday's Hill. It stands in wait at the 46-kilometre marker and it is here that the runners are separated from the joggers. At the end of every great race lies a great hill. Varaday's is the one at Loskop. Be warned, it is long and tiring and even the most seasoned athlete can be reduced to walking. If you failed to show sufficient respect up Buggers Hill or were too excessive through the Kranspoort Valley, you will pay for it at Varaday’s.

Once over this difficult obstacle the final run into the resort is pleasant and welcome. The Loskop Dam now spread before you tells you that you are at last home, here lies the finish. This is a race well worth the effort.

Loskop 50 km Ultra
Prizes and Give-Aways:
This race has ‘A’ permit status and there is generous incentive money on offer for breaking the route records on the Open male & female and the Veteran male & female. Runners who finish according to various category times get silver medals. All other finishers within 7-hours get bronze. The organisers are minting a special medal to commemorate the important 30th anniversary milestone. Permanent numbers are awarded to those who have completed their 10th /20th /25th and from 2016 onwards, their 30th. All starters receive special goodie bags. There are great lucky draw prizes for ultra-marathon finishers. This T-shirt is one you will not give-away, but wear with pride.
Course Records:
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Editor's Notes:
The Forever Resorts Loskop Marathon has been consistently ranked highly in a number of our surveys as a well organised and well presented event. Point-to-point races always pose logistical challenges and to cater for this, bus transport to the start is provided from the Forever Resorts Loskopdam entrance at 04h15. Bus transport back to Middelburg from the finish is available after prize-giving.

The route is closed to traffic between 05h00 and 13h00 and an alternative route has been worked out for supporters. There are three cut off points on the route and runners must make these in time to avoid removal from the race. The first is 25 kilometres in 03:30; the second is 36 kilometres in 05:00 and finally the marathon mark in 05:50. The race will be staged for the 31st time in 2017.

Finishers: 4200 Time Limit: 06:30
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