Sani Stagger

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Date: 25 November 2017
Time: 06h00
Organisers: Running Man Adventures
Distance: 42.2; 21.1;
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Start: Sani Pass Hotel
Race Changes 12 Jun 2017
  Primary Contact Name changed changed from Matt Goode to Spurgeon Flemington.
Primary Contact Mobile changed changed from 072-9073818 to 082-3297737.
Race Name changed changed from Sani Stagger Marathon to Sani Stagger .
Race Date changed changed from 01/01/2017 to 25/11/2017.
Primary Contact Name changed changed from Heather Louise Parsons to Matt Goode.
Primary Contact Email changed to
Primary Contact Mobile changed changed from 076-9517911 to 072-9073818.
Contact 1: Spurgeon Flemington
(C) 082-3297737

Contact 2: Matt Goode
(C) 072-9073818
Entry Details:
Pre-entry Closing Date: 13 October 2017

Route Description:
Difficulty Rating: 5. Route Type: Out-and-back
The marathon starts and ends at the Sani Pass Hotel, a run to the summit and back down. To say the climb to the turning point is hard is an understatement. The scramble up to the Sani Pass Summit is over 1,300 metres in just over 20 kilometres. By the time you reach the halfway mark a mere 280 metres has been accomplished with literally a mountain to go. The border post at 1,968 metres above sea level may well mark the start of the real climb, hang on, things are going to get interesting.

Twin Streams comes and goes, so does Suicide Bend, Ice Corner and Big Bend Corner. This may well be a race for the hardened, but if the daunting hill does not take your breath away, certainly the majesty and splendour of the Natal Drakensberg will. Beautiful is perhaps also a word that fits as understatement.

Of course the half marathon has a different story to tell. A down run is also an underestimation. The steepest down race in the country, what more can one say, what fun.

Sani Stagger Half Marathon
Prizes and Give-Aways:
Category winners get prize money. Medals go to all finishers. Wonderful holiday prizes to be won in the lucky draw for all registered entrants. All participants receive a registration pack.
Course Records:
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Editor's Notes:
The Sani Pass is the only motor road that crosses the Natal Drakensberg and the only road between KwaZulu-Natal and the Kingdom of Lesotho. This magnificent pass climbs through a narrow valley cut deep in the rock by the Mkhomozana River. It is an important and historic trade route into the Eastern Highlands of Lesotho. For runners it is one of Africa’s most unique athletic experiences.

Runners competing in the half marathon will be transported to the top of the pass. The marathon starts from the Sani Pass Hotel at 06h00 and the half marathon starts at the Lesotho Border Post at 08h30. The half marathon time limit is 03:30.
Finishers: 0 Time Limit: 06:30
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